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Universal Tractor Canada Ltd.

Universal Tractor is manufactured in Romania and distributed to over 75 countries worldwide. Universal Tractor Canada Ltd. has been the Canadian distributer for over 25 years. In addition to our fine line of tractors we also provide a complete supply of parts, technical support and warrantees.

Optional equipment includes a full line of front end loaders, canopies and cabs.

Please note: Data and illustrations are informative. Subject to change without notice. Please check with us for your closest dealer for technical data, specifications and a complete list of options.

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U-320 DT
U-445 TDC
U-453 DT
U-640 DTC
U-640 DTC SD
U-643 DT
U-643 DT SD
U-783 DT Turbo
U-1010 DT
U-453 DTP
U-643 DTP
U-883 DT
U-1033 DT

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